We are a small family run Brisbane pet store with old fashion service and old fashion prices *run by animal lovers for animal lovers*. We stock good quality products at very reasonable prices and will not force or try to up sell any product to you that we don’t think you will need. We have a very relaxed store where you are free to walk around uninterrupted or let us know and we can offer sound advice and answer your questions if you have them.

Aspley Pet centre stocks a range of pet products for all animals. While we do not sell any cats or dogs, we do sell products for them. Our personal intrest is in rodent, reptile and fish so our stock does lean to more variety in these areas.

At the Aspley Pet Centre we stock around 2000 Products, so it is bit hard to list them all, but for example we carry brands like Vetafarm, Ozhemp, Serenity, Breeders Choice, Seachem, Ocean Nutrition, Oxbow, Paradise, Zoomed, Exoterra, Reptile Guys, Reptione, Petone, Avione, Kongs, Aquaone, Hailea, Waterworks, Hagen, Living world,  Savic, API, Peters, Advocate, Advantage, Advantix, comfortis, panoramis, capstar  and so many more. Also,  pet frozen foods are available -  for example, blood worms, rats, mice, quails, rabbits, chickens and the list goes on.

Aspley Pet Centre is your pet store supplies shop for all pets and pet products:

we have lots of things for

• Fish

• Rodent

• Reptile

• Bees

and the basics for 

• Dog

• Cat

• Bird

Aspley Pet Centre has products for all, if we dont have it we may be able to get it, just ask!


Aside from the prouducts you may wish to buy, our pet store also sells live pets too:

• Fish

• Guinea Pigs

• Hermit Crabs

• Other creapy crawlies as they are available (like stick insects, litter bugs, scorpions)


Don’t buy your new pet anywhere else. And don’t buy pet accessories from just any pet store, check out our prices and compare with what your paying now, I know we can beat most prices even online stores, it never hurts to ask!