Our rodent section is a big part of the store -  often we are constantly trying new products and expanding our stocked range. See our online store for products!

We have a variety of rats, mice, guinea pigs,  products but no longer sell the live rats and mice (we do still have cavies when available from breeders or rehomming).

Chris has kept rodents for some time, We have rats and mice at home, We have been breeding rats and mice for about 9 years, so have some knowledge if you have questions :)

Chris’s mum is main carer for our guinea pigs also, with just over 100 pigs at home they do take up a lot of time, we selectively breed these guys also, at times.

We do have from time to time rescue cavies from various places as well, and these are sometimes available at a reduced price as they are usually looking for new forever homes in a loving environment, sometimes health, condition and temperment can not be assured but we will always tell you of course who they are if we have them, and if anyone is knowingly sick or pregnant we will remove them from sale!

We will always take in surrended cavies from any one, so if you know someone who needs to rehome please bring them in, while we are a pet shop business we are animal lovers also as would happily rehome piggies if they need a home.


Some interesting facts about small mammals:

• Fancy mice and rats have been exhibited for over 100 years. The National Mouse Club of Britain was formed in 1895.

• Mice are nocturnal animals and are more active at night than during the day.

• Rats are extremely clean pets and are among the most intelligent.

• Rabbits are not rodents. They belong to a family called "lagomorphs."

• Many rabbits learn litter box habits easily. Rabbits require daily exercise outside of their cage.

• Another name for a guinea pig is a "cavy." Wild cavies live in social groups called "herds."

• A male guinea pig is a boar and a female is a sow. Baby guinea pigs are pups.

• Guinea pigs are unable to manufacture Vitamin C within their bodies therefore this vitamin must be supplemented.