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About Oxbow Animal Health

Based on a family farm in the middle of rural Nebraska USA, Oxbow is a worldwide supplier of premium life staged feeds and supportive care products for small herbivores. Oxbow's products are used and recommended by top exotic animal veterinarians across Australia and around the globe.

Oxbow focuses on education and proper nutrition for these pets. We continually emphasise the importance of consistent, high fibre diets with grass hays constantly available in their habitat. The Oxbow product range is built around premium quality grass hays (soft, green, fresh) and super high fibre, pelleted diets, including adult maintenance diets for rabbits and guinea pigs made with nutritionally superior, custom made Timothy grass meal rather than that more commonly found Lucerne (alfalfa) meal.

The veterinary community widely promotes the use of grass hays (including Timothy, Orchard, Oaten) because  hey have found them to be the healthiest combination of fibre, calcium and protein levels for adult pet herbivores.

Professional Advisory Board

Oxbow's Advisory Board consists of the top exotic veterinarians, nutritionists and research professionals. They specialise in zoo, non traditional animal health care and nutrition worldwide. The Oxbow advisory board members are recognised leaders in exotic animal science. They have published over 100 peer reviewed articles in scientific publications, and presented these topics, at more than 200 scientific conferences and meetings on exotic animal science.

References and Recommendations

Oxbow Products are currently recommended in a growing list of veterinary textbooks and journals including:

• Rabbit and Rodent Dentistry (Vittorio Capello)
• Rabbit Rodents & Ferrets (Quesenberry & Carpenter)
• Exotic Animal Formulary (Carpenter)
• The Veterinarian , Rabbit Clinical Techniques, Aug 2008, (David Vella)
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• Veterinary Clinics of North America- Exotic Animal Practice, Exotic Pet Management for
the Technician (Michelle Schulte, Agnes Rupley)
• Exotic DVM Magazine (numerous issues)

The products have been cited as beneficial in numerous veterinary conference and seminar lectures including:

• Australian Unusual & Exotic Pet Veterinarian’s Specialty Group Conferences (05-08)
• International Conference on Exotics (numerous years)
• The North American Veterinary Conference (numerous years)
• British Small Animal Veterinary Association Seminar, Dental Disease of Rabbits
• Japanese Animal Hospital Seminar Series, Introduction of Non-traditional Pets:
Challenges in the 21st Century, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, June 2004
• Association of Amphibian and Reptilian Veterinarians Conference
• The Japanese Exotic Veterinary Conference
• Association of Avian Veterinarians Conference
• The Western Veterinary Conference
• Association of Exotic Small Animal Veterinarians




Western Timothy Grass Hay

The Exotic Animal Vet’s High Fibre, Low Calcium Hay Choice Timothy’s high fibre, low-protein and low calcium content is credited with helping prevent obesity, maintaining a healthy urinary system and improving overall health. And bonus - they LOVE it! Available in 425 gm and 1.13 kg bags



Orchard Grass Hay

Another Healthy, Long-Strand Grass Hay from Oxbow Just like our Timothy grass, soft-textured Orchard Grass Hay is high in fiber, low in protein and supports the health of small herbivores by stimulating digestion, preventing obesity and making mealtime more appealing. Offering a variety of healthy, but different tasting, grass hays keeps animals more flexible in their eating habits. (Note: In answer to a common question, Orchard Grass is a specific grass plant. It is not a blend of plants growing in an orchard, meadow or pasture.) Available in 425 gm bags



Botanical Hay

Oxbow’s Blend of Timothy Hay & Fragrant Herbs A rich blend of herbs combined with Oxbow's fabulous Western Timothy hay (est: 5% herbs, 95% Timothy) to stimulate your pet’s appetite for hay and create an aromatic change to your pet’s habitat. Timothy Grass Hay with three of the following herbs depending on seasonal changes: Chamomile, Lemon Verbena, Hibiscus, Lavender, Rose Hips, Comfrey, Borage, Red Clover Blossoms. Available in 425 gm bags



Cavy Cuisine™

High Fibre, Low Calcium, Low Protein Pellets for Adult Guinea Pigs Super high fibre Timothy grass hay-based pellets with stabilised Vitamin C, designed to meet the nutritional needs of adult guinea pigs (over 6 months old, not gestating, not lactating). Expiry dated bags ensure critically important vitamin levels. Available in 2.25 kg bags 


Cavy Performance™

High Fibre Pellets w/ Stabilised Vit C for Growing Guinea Pig Cavy Performance is specifically designed to meet the particular nutritional needs of young, pregnant and nursing guinea pigs. During these stages guinea pigs, require more protein, calcium and energy. Lucerne hay, Vitamin C and other fortified ingredients are combined to meet those particular needs. Available in 2.25 kg bags